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Meet Candy, she is exactly as she looks-so sweet! Candy is a little panda stands a mere 2.5" tall and is made of vintage fabric. She has colors of gorgeous light purple and off white. Candy has onyx bead eyes and a had-sculptured polymer nose. She is ready to eat her lollipop as she just had her bamboo shoot. The lollipop is made of polymer clay (also handmade by me, Hattie Harman). Candy is completely jointed with a cotter pin and disk in her head and string joints in her limbs. Her arms are slightly bendable! Candy has been meticulously enhanced with additional dyeing and shading. She stood and sat on her own without any support during photo shooting!

Availab lity: One-of-a-kind--SOLD . E-mail Hattie if you need more information.


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