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Meet Bao-Bao, a little panda stands a mere 2.5" tall and is made of vintage long pile fabric. He has colors of gorgeous black and off white, as well as onyx bead eyes and a hand-sculptured polymer nose. Bao-Bao means "treasure" in Chinese. This little panda wears a miniature old Chinese coin necklace. It has the name of Chinese emperor "Tong-Bao" in Ching dynasty. Bao-Bao also comes with a hand-crafted wooden jar (absolutely beautiful). Bao-Bao is completely jointed with a cotter pin and disk in his head and string joints in his limbs. His arms are slightly bendable! Bao-Bao has been meticulously enhanced with additional dyeing and shading. He stood and sat on his own without any support during photo shooting!

Availab lity: One-of-a-kind--SOLD . E-mail Hattie if you need more information.


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