Custom Perfume Bottle Bear

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This 3" tall miniature teddy panda has a special feature to her; she conceals a miniature glass vial in her torso, which makes her a perfume bottle bear. She is made of black and off white vintage long pile fabrics. Her mouth, and claws were embroidered with black thread. Her eyes are onyx beads, and she has a sculptured polymer clay nose. Her arms and legs are string-jointed. Her head is removable and can be posed in any direction you choose to place it in. There is a small cork attached to the base of her neck/head. The cork fits securely into the opening of the glass vial, which has been sewn into her torso. When the cork is placed in the vial, the head fits perfectly on her shoulders making her appear as if she is a plain bear. No one but you will know she is a functional teddy bear! You may choose to add a few drops of your favorite scent into her vial to add a nice fragrance to her, but please do not fill her vial full of fluid. It may spill onto her fur and damage him. This gorgeous panda comes a beautiful bouquet of roses!

Cost: $65
Availability: Taking orders. The perfume bottle bear/panda can be ordered in the same color or another color of your choosing. E-mail Hattie if you need more information.


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